Tiga Raja

Chocolatey, Juicy Mouthfeel

Province: Simalungun
Mill: Tiga Raja
Altitude: 1400-1600 M
Varietals: Typica & Bourbon
Process: Wet-Hulled, Triple Sorted
Harvest: Jan – Mar
Density: 65.7  
Moisture: 11.5%  
Water Activity: .633

In the Silimakuta province of Northern Sumatra, coffee flourishes in the nutrient-rich soil between Lake Toba and the Sinabung volcano. This is Simalung country, the home of an indigenous people belonging to the Batak clans. For generations, the Simalung have perfected their growing practices and cultivated their coffee farming expertise, resulting in these superb Sumatran beans.

During the harvest months, the reddest, ripest cherries are hand-picked and wet-hulled by local farmers. This wet-hulling process, called giling basah, is unique to Sumatra. Farmers hull the cherries themselves, then dry them for one day in the mucilage and parchment. The coffee is brought to Tiga Raja Mill, where it undergoes further drying before the coffee is triple-sorted and exported.  

Keffa is proud to partner with Tiga Raja, who gives back to the local area by educating farmers about growing practices and paying farmers premiums for their best beans. A small, specialty dry mill, Tiga Raja takes care at every step of the process to ensure the highest quality for its coffee.