Arabica Sumatra Gayo Mandheling FTO Coffee

Our tasting notes: Chocolate, Dried Cherries, Almonds & Honey

Coffee Details


Production Community: Village of Syura Jadi,
Village of Suka Jadi, Village of Mekar Jadi,
Village of Suka Ramai, Village of Bintang

Producer: Arisarina Cooperative 

Farmers: 2,494 Members

Altitude: 1200 -1400 M

Varietals: Mixed Variety (Most Tim Tim/Cattimor)

Process: Semi Washed (Wet Hulled)

Certificate: Fairtrade, EU, USDA, CP

Production Area: 450 HA

Harvest: Apr 2020 – June 2020

Availability: SPOT

Density: 62.8

Water Activity: 0.609

Moisture: 12.3%

Bag Size: 60kg

Farm Details 

The Arisarina Cooperative is a coffee producer cooperative established in 2013, located in the highlands of Gayo Aceh Province in Sumatra. The cooperative has a common goal to improve the quality of coffee that grows in the Gayo highlands as well as maintain and preserve the ecosystem as a place to grow the highest quality coffee beans. This region is considered one of the biggest arabica coffee regions in south east Asia.

The plantation is 100% managed by local farmers. The coffee grown in this region follows the principle of the conservation, where each coffee is planted with shade trees. This kind of cultivation is rarely found in another region in Indonesia.

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