Natural Yirgacheffe Grade 1 – Kutiyo Danbe

Our tasting notes: 

Coffee Details 

Zone: Gedeo

District: Yirgacheffe

Region: SNNPR (Southern Nation Nationality and People’s Region)

Sub District: Banqo Okoto

Varietals: Kurume, Wolisho, Anigafa

Process: Natural – Grade 1

Harvest: 2020

Availability: SPOT, USA

Altitude: 2042 MASL

Annual Rainfall: 1520 mm

Soil Type: Loam Soil

Drying Time: 20 days on drying bed


     Kutiyo Danbeis is 69-year-old and was born and raised in Banqo, Okototown. He says he decided to be a coffee farmer and produce top quality Yirgacheffe coffee in his 4 hectares of land. He has 6 children.

     He started a business with Keffa in 2019. Keffa coffee is paying a premium price, and in addition to that, Keffa supported him by buying shed net for the 2020 crop year.

     His vision is to maximize coffee production, second to cover the school fee and fulfill the school material for his children without financial difficulties, and finally to change his family’s life.

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